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Philippe Laché tenor recorder after Stanesby Jr.

Click on the images below to enlarge them: Philippe Laché tenor recorder in C after Stanesby Jr. Model: Stanesby Jr. Pitch: A = 415 Hz Wood: maple of Montpellier Built in: 2018 Ships from: 5 days from Lebanon with insurance or 14 days form Paris […]

Ralf Netsch voice flute after Dupuis

Ralf Netsch voice flute after Dupuis Model: Dupuis Pitch: A = 415 Hz Materials: boxwood, ebony and ivory Built in: 2015 Price: 4000 € Current state: Very beautiful sound. Excellent state. Become a Patron!

Original Ernst Meyer alto recorder after Denner

Original Ernst Meyer alto in f after Denner Model: Denner Pitch: A = 415 Hz Wood: Boxwood Built in: 2010 (Paris period) Price: 3500 € Current state: Instrument in very good condition. Never revoiced. Not played very much since 2014. I’m selling it because I […]