How to sell your instrument(-s)

1. First, make your secure payment

  • Send your payment for one ad (€10) by bank transfer using this link or the black button below. Selling more recorders? Here are the links for two and three ads.
  • Alternatively, you could use the PayPal button below (I’d prefer the former option, though)
Transfer €10

Note: If you’re a Patreon supporter, you can benefit from monthly discounts and even free ads! See below 😉

How many recorders you want to sell?

Info for Patreon supporters

As mentioned above, your Patreon membership entitles you to the following advantages:

  • The “Cylindrical Recorders” patrons get a 3 € monthly discount. You can use this link to benefit from it
  • The “Flared bell Recorders” patrons get a 5 € monthly discount. You can use this link to benefit from it
  • The “Consort Recorders” and higher tiers get one, three or even five free ads per month, so you can just skip this step and jump to step 2. Info.
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2. Info. Please send me all the essential information about your instrument

You can use this contact form. Please include links to 2–3 photos of the instrument within the form’s biggest box at the bottom (Current state of the instrument, links to photos & comments). See more details about the photos in section 3 below.

3. Photos: send me links to at least 3–4 pictures of your instrument

Photos are essential, and I will not publish any item without them: people will want to see a current photo of your instrument! Experience has shown that the more pictures you send, and the better the image quality you get, the sooner your recorder will get sold.

  1. Important: required size is 970 pixels for the smallest side of your image (minimum size would be 970 × ≥970 pixels); otherwise the homepage’s layout will get broken.
  2. Please don’t email me your photos. Instead, upload them to Dropbox, Google Drive, or a similar service, and include the download links in your message above.
  3. Recommended: take your photos against a white background, clearly showing the most sensitive parts of the recorder: window, beak, thumb hole, etc. See an example here.

Once I’ve got the information and photos, I’ll post it. Usually, within 2–3 working days, but please be patient if it takes a bit longer: I still have to practice! 😉

When the recorder is sold, just let me know, and I will label your ad as sold.

4. Questions?

Contact me, but please read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page before. You might find your question already answered there.

Visit the FAQ page

The FAQ page also contains a useful contract of sale and some recommendations.

Thanks! —VP.