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Yamaha YRB 61 Bass recorder

Click on the images below to enlarge them: Yamaha YRB 61 Bass (new) Model: Yamaha YRB 61 Bass Pitch: A = 442 Hz Wood: Maple Built in: 2021 Ships from: 2021 Price: 1000 € Current state: Brand new. Bought March 2021 and played only long […]

Wanted - Paetzold great bass in C

Wanted — Paetzold great bass in C

A composer and professional player is looking for a second-hand Paetzold great bass in C – ideally in birch. Would also consider larger instruments. Based in London, UK. Wanted — Paetzold great bass in C Contact Become a Patron!

Kobliczek Renaissance recorder consort 440Hz

Total price for this Kobliczek Renaissance consort at 440Hz is EUR 2619. However, single recorders can also be purchased (see individual prices below). Soprano in c: EUR 200 G alto: EUR 269 F alto: EUR 275 C tenor (without key): EUR 364 C tenor (with […]