Rottenburgh tenor recorder by Moeck — EUR 650

Rottenburgh tenor recorder by Moeck Model: Rottenburgh Pitch: A = 440 Hz Wood: granadilla Built in: 2000’s Price: € 650 Current state: Warm and dark sound tenor by Moeck. Very well suited for French traverso pieces (could be used as voice flute in 392 Hz) […]

Takeyama Baroque alto recorder — EUR 680

Takeyama Baroque alto recorder Model: Takeyama Pitch: A = 442 Hz Wood: Japanese maple Built in: 2015 Price: € 680 Current state: I offer an alto recorder by the recorder maker Takeyama, which I bought in September 2015 and has been very well maintained and […]

Mollenhauer – Tenor (no key) 440 Hz

Mollenhauer – Tenor (no key) Model: Mollenhauer – Tenor (no key) Pitch: A = 440 Hz Wood: Palisander Built in: 2008 Price: £500 (€ 570) + postage/packaging Current state: Excellent condition, lovely sound. Has been a professional spare and used in contemporary consort/ensemble work (but […]

Yamaha alto recorder YRA-802 — EUR 400

Yamaha alto recorder YRA-802 Alto recorder, Baroque fingering, double holes, arched windway, handcrafted, 3 pieces. Model: YRA-802 Pitch: A = 440 Hz Wood: kingwood Price: 400€ (price new: +800€) Current state: It has one ornamental ring slightly damaged, which doesn’t affect performance Contact the owner:

Stanesby alto recorder by Von Huene — EUR 1350

Maker: Von Huene Wood: Boxwood Model: Stanesby Pitch: A = 415 Hz Year: 2009 Current state: “It’s in perfect condition and I’m glad to let you try it out for a couple of days if you are willing to. I’m selling this instrument because I […]