Moeck Ehlert Alto Recorder in Grenadilla Wood — EUR 1500

440-42 Hz, Alto, From € 1001 - € 1500, Modern, Modern, Moeck, Ralf Ehlert

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Moeck Ehlert Alto Recorder in Grenadilla Wood

  • Model: Ehlert
  • Pitch: A = 442 Hz
  • Wood: Grenadilla
  • Built in: 2016
  • Ships from: Germany
  • Price: 1500 €
  • Current state: A modern recorder by Ralf Ehlert. Ehlert recorders have a range of 2 1/2 octaves. The Ehlert recorders were modelled on baroque tenor recorders (Hotteterre and Bressan) and on long-stringed German recorders from around 1930, so they function in the baroque fingering that is common today. No “relearning” is therefore necessary. There are only additional fingerings for the highest notes. This modern alto recorder is outstanding, it plays loud, brilliant, clear, with a rich, beautiful sound. There are no problems with the response, the intonation or the balanced sound across the registers. This recorder is very suitable for Baroque repertoire but of course also for Contemporary works. The extension with the key on the foot gives great strength and stability, the instrument carries fantastically in large concert halls. A very good instrument, perfect in condition, never played and works perfectly

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