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“Loeki” tenor recorder by Von Huene

Click on the images below to enlarge them: “Loeki” tenor recorder by Von Huene Model: “Loeki” tenor Pitch: A = 415 Hz Wood: European boxwood, coloured Built in: 2008 Price: € 2100 Current state: One of the Flanders Recorder Quartet’s 415 tenors. Hand-picked by FRQ […]

Moeck Rottenburgh set — $1300

Moeck Rottenburgh sop/alt/ten boxwood set Model: Rottenburgh Pitch: A = 442 Hz Wood: boxwood Built in: approx. 2017 Price: $1300.00 Current state: New Moeck Rottenburgh set in original case. Hand-picked in September 2017. Regularly oiled. I am selling these awesome set because I never have […]

Rottenburgh tenor recorder by Moeck

Rottenburgh tenor recorder by Moeck Model: Rottenburgh Pitch: A = 440 Hz Wood: granadilla Built in: 2000’s Price: € 650 Current state: Warm and dark sound tenor by Moeck. Very well suited for French traverso pieces (could be used as voice flute in 392 Hz)

Mollenhauer – Tenor (no key) 440 Hz

Mollenhauer – Tenor (no key) Model: Mollenhauer – Tenor (no key) Pitch: A = 440 Hz Wood: Palisander Built in: 2008 Price: £500 (€ 570) + postage/packaging Current state: Excellent condition, lovely sound. Has been a professional spare and used in contemporary consort/ensemble work (but […]

Kobliczek Praetorius Recorder Consort

Kobliczek Praetorius Recorder Consort (C-Sop, F-Alto, C-tenor, C-Great Bass) Model: Praetorius Pitch: A = 440 Hz Wood: Maple Built: approx. 2000s Price: $3000 Current state: a Pristine set of instruments