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Rodney Waterman, Fred Morgan’s obituary:

“Fred Morgan had an international reputation as one of the greatest modern exponents of the art of recorder making. His instruments feature on hundreds of recordings by the world’s best players. He was a meticulous craftsman and particularly skilled at “voicing” — the final delicate shaping of the windway, which critically determines the recorder’s sound quality.

Fred once wrote that the four most important aspects of a recorder’s character and performance are: “Speech, Intonation, a Beautiful Sound, and a Fine Appearance.”

He delighted in making unusual recorders at a variety of pitches. He pioneered the development of a modern Ganassi-type recorder, now widely used as a preferred instrument for soloistic Mediaeval, Renaissance and early Baroque repertoire. In 1986 Fred moved his workshop from the Daylesford township to within a stone’s throw of the family home at Snake Hill, Coomoora (northeast of Daylesford) and continued to refine and improve his recorder making skills in this idyllic setting.

He was still experimenting with new recorder designs right up until his untimely death. His passion for innovation never flagged, and he was never complacent. Fred was a gentle giant of a man, and it is remarkable that his large hands were capable of such finesse. He was gracious and shy. But Fred’s voice will sing on through his instruments and the world will continue to be touched by the magic of his craft.”

Wanted: Fred Morgan recorders

Fred Morgan recorders wanted (any size or type)

A professional recorder player is interested in purchasing Fred Morgan recorders. In principle, they could be of any type or size, with a particular interest in the following models: Size in after Alto g’ Bressan Alto Eb Bressan Alto f’ Denner Soprano 6th flute d” […]