Wanted: Fred Morgan recorders

Fred Morgan Recorders Wanted (Any Size or Type)

415 Hz, Alto, Baroque, Bressan, Debey, Denner, Fred Morgan, Ganassi-type, Hallett, Sopranino, Soprano, Stanesby, Voice Flute, Wanted

A professional recorder player is interested in purchasing Fred Morgan recorders. In principle, they could be of any type or size, with a particular interest in the following models:

Size in after
Alto g’ Bressan
Alto Eb Bressan
Alto f’ Denner
Soprano 6th flute d” Stanesby & Hallet
Sopranino f” Stanesby & Hallet

Preferably finished by Fred Morgan himself, but also interested in those made at his workshop after Fred’s passing.

Offers should be at standard current market prices for these instruments, not higher. If you’d like to sell one, please get in touch by filling in the form below. Many thanks.

Fred Morgan Recorders Wanted (Any Size or Type)


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