Soprano Recorder by Stephan Blezinger After Kynsecker — EUR 850

415 Hz, Early baroque, Kynseker, Soprano, Stephan Blezinger, Up to € 500

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Soprano Recorder by Stephan Blezinger After Kynsecker

  • Model: Kynsecker
  • Pitch: A = 415 Hz
  • Wood: Plumwood
  • Built in: 2008
  • Ships from: United Kingdom
  • Price: 850 €
  • Current state: This instrument is in excellent condition having recently been serviced. It has been lightly used and lovingly cared for. It is perfect for early Italian repertoire or solos by Van Eyck in particular. It has a warm and full sound with excellent intonation and evenness of tone across the two octaves with standard Baroque fingerings with single holes. An attractive brass ferule and dark staining give this instrument a beautiful appearance as well as sound. You can hear the instrument here.

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