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Baroque Soprano Recorder by Roessler

Hello friends! The full content will be available to everyone within two days. As promised in the Patreon tiers, the content will be visible only to Patrons first, so there are already nineteen lucky ones who can see it and contact the seller right now. […]

Renaissance Alto in g’ by Guido Klemisch

Alto in g’ Recorder by Guido Klemisch After Renaissance / Early Baroque models Model: Oberlender Pitch: A = 415 + 440 Hz (two joints) Wood: Maple Built in: 1970s Ships from: Germany Price: 400 € Current state: Legacy of Ferdinand Conrad. Long time without being […]

Baroque Flute by Martin Wenner After Palanca

Click on the images below to enlarge them: Baroque Flute by Martin Wenner After Palanca Model: Palanca Pitch: A = 415 Hz Wood: Grenadilla Built in: ca. 2015 Ships from: Austria Price: 1400 € Current state: In great condition, looking for a nice new home! […]