Original Fred Morgan Baroque Alto Recorder After Debey

415 Hz, Alto, Baroque, Baroque fingering, Debey, Fred Morgan, From € 3001, Sold

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Original Fred Morgan Baroque Alto Recorder After Debey

  • Model: Debey, with original Baroque fingerings
  • Pitch: A = 415 Hz
  • Wood: boxwood
  • Built in: 1985
  • Ships from: Germany
  • Price: 8000 SALE! 6000 €
  • Current state: A unique opportunity: Marvelous, fine French alto. I bought this recorder from Fred personally in his old workshop in Daylesford during my first visit to Australia in 1985 but it might be built earlier. Fred overlooked the instrument when I visited him again in 1990 but found it “very well played and in perfect condition”, so he did not change anything. Since I bought it, I played it continuously in numerous concerts and recordings. It has a warm and very fine and light sound, of course ideal for the French repertoire but also very nice for all virtuoso late baroque music. It has a perfect and light height and matches perfectly in chamber music with Traverso, Baroque Violin a.m.. The original baroque fingering and the single holes give the player a real “French” feeling. It includes the original case made by Fred. This instrument is a real masterpiece and a treasure, still in absolutely perfect condition, which I only (sadly) sell because of personal reasons

Editor’s note: Considering the high asking price initially set by the seller, it is a good moment to remind the RFS audience that I do not charge, nor have I ever charged, a sales commission.—VP.

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