Yamaha alto recorder YRA-802 — EUR 400 300

440-42 Hz, Alto, Baroque, Up to € 500, Yamaha

Yamaha alto recorder YRA-802

Alto recorder, Baroque fingering, double holes, arched windway, handcrafted, 3 pieces.

  • Model: YRA-802
  • Pitch: A = 440 Hz
  • Wood: kingwood
  • Price: 400€ 300€ (price new: +800€)
  • Current state: Well maintained and taken care of. While it’s cosmetically fine (apart from one ornamental ring slightly damaged which doesn’t affect performance), the instrument needs a revoicing, meaning that its sound is currently far from ideal, hence the low price. That said, it could probably be improved by expert hands, but since that will greatly depend on who makes the revoicing, the seller can’t guarantee the buyer will end up completely satisfied. For this reason, the instrument is sold ‘as is’ and whoever buys it is not entitled to a refund.

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