Tenor recorder by Monika Musch after Schnitzer (A = 466 Hz)

466 Hz, From € 1501 - € 2000, Renaissance, Schnitzer, Sold, Tenor

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Tenor recorder by Monika Musch after Schnitzer

  • Model: Schnitzer
  • Pitch: A = 466 Hz
  • Wood: maple
  • Built in: 2017
  • Ships from: 5 days from Lebanon with insurance or 14 days form Paris
  • Price: 2000 €
  • Current state: Used a couple of times to maintain shape, oiled regularly and preserved under good conditions – monitored humidity and temperature. Made upon special request from Angelo Beaini. Amazing instrument made with passion and love by one of the unique and most famous pupils of Ernst Meyer. Nowadays Musch’s Ganassis are the very wanted over the world. And a very special Canadian Maple is used to make them. This Ganassi tenor is upgraded from the late version of Monika. Hand-picked from Monika Musch workshop at Freiburg.

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