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Helder alto recorder by Mollenhauer — EUR 1900

Helder alto recorder by Mollenhauer Model: Alto, Helder – Mollenhauer Pitch: A = 442 Hz Wood: Grenadilla Price: € 1900 Current state: As new!!! I bought directly from Mollenhauer, but hardly used it. The amazing price is due to the fact that it was an […]

Mollenhauer – Tenor (no key) 440 Hz

Mollenhauer – Tenor (no key) Model: Mollenhauer – Tenor (no key) Pitch: A = 440 Hz Wood: Palisander Built in: 2008 Price: £500 (€ 570) + postage/packaging Current state: Excellent condition, lovely sound. Has been a professional spare and used in contemporary consort/ensemble work (but […]

Mollenhauer Kynseker Renaissance basset recorder

Mollenhauer Kynseker Renaissance bass recorder Model: Kynseker. Direct blow, with windcap, bottom F key and fontanelle Pitch: A = 440 Hz Wood: Pearwood, stained to look like plum wood Built in: it’s about ten years old Price: 1000 €, plus shipping and insurance Current state: […]