Von Huene Loeki Tenor

415 Hz, Baroque, From € 2001 - € 2500, Loeki, Sold, Tenor, von Huene

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Von Huene Loeki Tenor

  • Model: Loeki
  • Pitch: A = 415 Hz
  • Wood: boxwood
  • Built in: 2015
  • Ships from: USA
  • Price: €2300 [New: $3300 USD]
  • Current state: Superb condition. This instrument has been well-maintained and well-regulated – C/C# keys have been fully adjusted for this sale. Powerful low register, and responsive high register (high C# playable without covering the bell hole) – overall solid and bright sound. This model is quite long compared to other 415 tenors by modern makers. I personally enjoy the length and the weight of the instrument, but I certainly do not recommend this instrument to those who have trouble with comfortably supporting the weight with low-positioned wrist. Sound carries through very well in diverse acoustic settings. Exceptional dynamic control possible with air, as well as with the secondary fingerings. Video sample available.

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