Paetzold Modern Great Bass in C

440-42 Hz, From € 2501 - € 3000, Great Bass, Modern, Paetzold (Kunath), Sold

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Paetzold Modern Great Bass in C

  • Model: Paetzold Modern Great Bass in C
  • Pitch: A = 442 Hz (with 2 pitch plates)
  • Wood: birchwood
  • Built in: c2019
  • Ships from: UK
  • Price: £2700 plus postage
  • Current state: A birchwood Paetzold great bass in C (one octave below a tenor recorder) in excellent condition. After using this instrument on a successful recording project, I’m selling it on for another player to enjoy.The instrument has been kept in its Kunath case (see photo) and is almost as new – with just a couple of microscratches which you can (just about!) see if you look very carefully at the photos. The instrument is sold as a 442Hz instrument and also has a couple of pitch plates for lowering slightly (e.g. to 440Hz). I originally purchased this from the Early Music shop who last time I looked, only have this instrument on back order. It comes with the original case (see photo) and the telescopic spike – not in the photo as it wasn’t with me on the day! I’m based in London and am happy to post worldwide, so long as the buyer is happy to cover any customs charges that might arise. I’m happy to investigate these for you.

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