Mollenhauer Dream-edition TE-4318 Alto Recorder — EUR 495 275

440-42 Hz, Modern, Mollenhauer, Sold

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Mollenhauer Dream-edition TE-4318 Alto Recorder

  • Model: Dream-edition TE-4318
  • Pitch: A = 442 Hz
  • Wood: Plumwood
  • Built in: 2022
  • Ships from: Norway
  • Price: € 495 SALE! 275 €
  • Current state: I am selling a beautiful Dream-edition alto recorder by Mollenhauer. The instrument has an elegant, clean and open sound with strong fundamental tones, similar to Ganassi or Renaissance recorders, but with standard modern (baroque) fingering. This series of flutes are hand finished and it is made of higher quality wood than Mollenhauer’s regular Dream recorders. It is almost brand new and has been played less than 10 times. I am selling it because I needed a different type of recorder for my ensemble. The tuning, windway and voicing have been perfected by professional recorder maker Bodil Diesen in Norway – so you can be sure you’re getting a good one! And the instrument has been oiled and stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. Just message me if you have any questions or want an audio sample! 🙂

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