Baroque Alto Recorder by Moeck After Denner (A = 415 Hz)

415 Hz, Alto, Baroque, Denner, From € 501 - € 1000, Moeck, Sold

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Baroque Alto Recorder by Moeck After Denner

  • Model: Denner
  • Pitch: A = 415 Hz
  • Wood: boxwood
  • Built in: 2021
  • Ships from: Norway
  • Price: 750 €
  • Current state: Moeck Denner alto 5334, has hardly been used. Bought to replace another instrument that I now have replaced. Here is what Moeck writes about the instrument: “The Denner alto recorder captivates with its feather-light response and the balance of tone in all registers. Its sound is slender and refined with a radiance that gives it an unmistakable soloistic character. This agile instrument offers a high degree of playing reliability in all registers and is therefore particularly suitable for virtuoso music in which tempo and agility are important, such as the recorder works of Georg Philipp Telemann.” Comes in the original box, everything looks and is as good as new.

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