Great Bass Küng Superio 2722

440-42 Hz, From € 2001 - € 2500, Great Bass, Küng, Modern, Modern, Sold

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Great Bass Küng Superio 2722

  • Model: Great Bass Küng Superio 2722
  • Pitch: A = 442 Hz
  • Wood: Maple pickled
  • Built in: 2018
  • Ships from: Germany
  • Price: 2300 €
  • Current state: like new. By the end of last year, I bought a Great Bass from “Küng” (Superio 2722), together with an endpin which you have to order separately. Together it cost 2800 € (I have the receipts). I also bought a Bass Flute from Küng. Both flutes are fantastic, the sound is really rich. But the fingerings are different at some points. Even though I’m a musician – having played the soprano saxophone before which I had to stop because of my jawbone and the teeth- I got the feeling to burn the candle at both ends, also considering that I´m not young anymore. So I decided to sell the Great Bass. I think I played it in alright. I hereof contacted Küng in Switzerland twice. I played the instrument for two months and then »gave up«. The endpin is very helpful. It really allows you to play the instrument upright. The flute is like new.

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