Fehr Model II Sopranino Recorder — EUR 150 125

440-42 Hz, Fehr, Sale, Sopranino, Up to € 500

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Fehr Model II Sopranino Recorder

  • Model: II by Fehr, Zurich
  • Pitch: A = 440 Hz
  • Wood: Plum
  • Built in: 1990s
  • Ships from: Spain
  • Price: 150 SALE! 125 €
  • Current state: Excellent except for a slight (intentional) modification to its thumbhole that the previous owner claimed improved it, but which has no effect I can detect, unless it was somehow genuinely improved from its original state. Comes with a Fehr pouch. In addition to the email provided you may message the seller via WhatsApp on 0034624048810. Should you wish to be reassured as to the seller’s identity, you may have a look at his webpage jamesbloom.org

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