Eagle Soprano by Adriana Breukink

440-42 Hz, Adriana Breukink, Eagle, From € 1001 - € 1500, Modern, Sold, Soprano

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Eagle Soprano by Adriana Breukink

  • Model: Eagle
  • Pitch: A = 442 Hz
  • Wood: African blackwood
  • Built in: 2017
  • Ships from: Germany
  • Price: 1500 €
  • Current state: The instrument is hardly played on and in a very good shape. Here you can find more information on the Eagle instruments by Adriana Breukink. This Eagle Soprano still has the old version of the metal labium. Therefore I am offering this instrument with a low prize. New Eagle Sopranos cost around 2350.- EUR today. The A2 sounds best with Ganassi fingering.

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