Handfluit Soprano Recorder by Adriana Breukink After van Eyck – EUR 2800 1999,99

466 Hz, Adriana Breukink, Early baroque, From € 2501 - € 3000, Sale, Soprano, van Eyck

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Handfluit Soprano Recorder by Adriana Breukink After van Eyck

  • Model: van Eyck
  • Pitch: A = 466 Hz
  • Wood: Palisander or ebony
  • Built in: ca. 1990
  • Ships from: Germany
  • Price: 2800 SALE! 1999,99 €
  • Current state: Treasure: Van Eyck Handfluit by Adriana Breukink. This is a lovely instrument which gives you the feeling of being van Eyck, standing in the churchyard in Utrecht and playing for the public. The original is in Copenhagen in the Rosenborg in the treasury! The original is made from ivory and turns up as a pair. Adriana was, as you might know, one of the students who learned with Fred Morgan in Den Haag when he taught there. Fred even made some instruments from ivory, but normally from strong black wood as Adriana did. She made them from a very dark and good palisander, maybe it is even ebony, but I cannot say for sure. There has been another one on recordersforsale but mine is darker. It is in 466, clear and loud but not sharp. It has nearly no traces of use, has been played continuously and has not been overlooked by other makers. Playing it, I always thought you were changed into a real van Eyck player. I am selling it sadly due to circumstances. This little recorder is really amiable!

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