Baroque alto recorder by Joachim Rohmer after Stanesby

415 Hz, Alto, Baroque, From € 1501 - € 2000, Joachim Rohmer, Sold, Stanesby

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Baroque alto recorder by Joachim Rohmer after Stanesby

  • Model: Stanesby
  • Pitch: A = 415 Hz
  • Wood: Grenadilla
  • Built in: 2017
  • Ships from: 5 days from Lebanon with insurance or 14 days form Paris
  • Price: 2000 € 1800 €
  • Current state: Used a couple of times to maintain shape, oiled regularly and preserved under good conditions – monitored humidity and temperature. Hand-selected by Angelo Beaini at Stockstadt recorder festival. It has an open voice with a very special intimate accent. A warm instrument that holds the famous characteristics of Baroque music. Wonderful choice for playing Handel and Telemann. This instrument was personally highlighted by the maker. Waiting period for a special order form the maker usually take 2 years.

Update (November 28, 2019): The owner changed their mind and finally decided to keep this instrument.

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