Baroque alto recorder by Luca de Paolis after Bressan — EUR 1500

415 Hz, Alto, Baroque, Bressan, From € 1001 - € 1500, Luca de Paolis

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Baroque alto recorder by Luca de Paolis after Bressan

  • Model: Bressan
  • Pitch: A = 415 Hz
  • Wood: boxwood
  • Built in: 2016
  • Price: 1500 €
  • Current state: It has been played a lot the first years, then revoiced by the builder and has not been played a lot the last couple of years. Used in two recordings. Is in flawless condition. Warm and soft timbre, you can listen to it here. It is on the heavy side for me, so I have moved on, but it’s still an amazing and beautiful instrument, I use Luca’s instruments all the time.

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