Baroque Alto Recorder by Tim Cranmore After Stanesby Jr.

415 Hz, Alto, Baroque, From € 501 - € 1000, Sold, Stanesby, Tim Cranmore

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Baroque Alto Recorder by Tim Cranmore After Stanesby Jr.

  • Model: Stanesby Jr.
  • Pitch: A = 415 Hz
  • Wood: boxwood
  • Built in: 1996
  • Ships from: United Kingdom
  • Price: 950 €
  • Current state: Around 25 years old, but still a wonderful recorder. I considered myself very lucky at the time because it was bought on approval from another vendor and after trying others by Tim at a later date, I realised that the one I had was better than any others. It has a very even and clear tone with great intonation. I have played it in concerti with a baroque orchestra and it has no problem being heard. Being a little older and having been well played, it does have a bit of wear to the thumbhole and some discoloration around the finger holes, but there is no problem with playability. There’s a small scuff on the foot joint as shown. As an instrument maker myself (viols), I have always looked after it well, the block has been periodically removed and the windway kept clean and smooth. It has been regularly oiled although not played for the last four years

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